Brace Yourselves for Sony’s New Wearable Neck Speaker

Sony’s new Wearable Neck Speaker, the $222 SRS-WS1, looks like the kind of gadget that would render public spaces even more jam-packed with other people’s music than they are already. Fear not, as Sony’s Wearable Neck Speaker isn’t intended for the outdoors, but is instead supposed to be used in your home, around your TV or computer. Which, honestly, only makes the rationale behind the new device even more puzzling. (Seriously, when have you ever looked at the speakers on your desk or book shelves and gone, dang, wish those bad boys were on my shoulders?)

The Wearable Neck Speaker, word on which comes via Rocket News, feels like an attempt at satisfying what’s likely to be only a very small niche market. After all, how many people really want to have Guardians of the Galaxy or Wonder Woman blasting in their eardrums when they’re close enough to watch but not quite close enough enough to their TV? Does Rocket Raccoon need to be flinging inflammatories right into your eardrums while you’re making a sandwich or using the bathroom?

There’s a silver lining to everything, though. It seems that the raison d’être of the Wearable Neck Speaker is that it allows for a very personalized listening experience while not requiring headphones or earbuds, which can be physically irritating, unsanitary, and detrimental to your hearing. Plus it provides a great excuse for pretending like you can’t hear people. “SORRY, MY HEAD IS LITERALLY INSIDE A SPHERE OF SOUND, WHAT ABOUT THE DISHES?”

Still, we can’t help but pose the question: But why? Below is a little clip of the Wearable Neck Speaker in use–maybe it’ll clear some things up.

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Images: Sony

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