WE RATE DOGS Announces a New Card Game Packed With Good Doggos

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If you’re on Twitter, chances are you’re one of the millions of followers of We Rate Dogs.

If you’ve ever looked at the good doggos (they’re all good dogs, Brent) that Matt Nelson shares daily and thought to yourself, I want to rate doggos, too, because I’d be AWESOME at it!, We Rate Dogs and Chronicle Books has the card game you’ve been waiting for.


We Rate Dogs: The Card Game is an upcoming game for 3-6 players (ages 8+) that begins with everyone choosing some doggos to bring home from the shelter. Once you have your puppers in hand, it’s time to enter them in a neighborhood dog show! Choose your doggos based on categories like floof, boopability, ears, and goodness and let the competition begin. Event cards can improve your doggo’s ratings or just generally cause chaos. Only one dog can win the Goodest Dog, but everyone feels like a winner when there are adorable puppers involved.


Designed by Darren Watts, Stephen Tasker, and Ben Walker, the tabletop game comes with 50 colorful dog cards with descriptions written in true We Rate Dogs style (worth the price of the game by themselves), 100 event cards, a die, and a winner’s circle.

We Rate Dogs: The Card Game will be available in May 2019 at an MSRP of $24.95.

You Can’t Have Too Many Doggos!

All Images: We Rate Dogs / Chronicle Books

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