Watching Ice Cream Sandwiches and Cones Being Made Is Mesmerizing

Factories might not inspire images of wonder in your brain, but if you’ve ever watched How It’s Made, they should. Watching various products go through the assembly line process is a lot more enrapturing than it has any right to be. You generally know what the final product will look like already, and even though you can probably figure out how it got that way just by looking at it, it’s still super interesting to see. That applies to food products as well, and this segment in which we see ice cream sandwiches being made is pretty enamoring (via LaughingSquid).

What’s always one of the more interesting parts is seeing the industrial scale at which everything is made, from the ice cream in giant mixing vats to the amount of chocolate cookies they have on hand. The best part, though, is the machine that slots the slab of ice cream between the sandwich ends; it’s a real loopable moment.

Watching the ice cream cones go through the process is also interesting. First there’s the cones, then the dollops of ice cream injected in, then the shot of caramel filling put into the middle, then the candy coating on top, followed lastly by the packaging. I feel like these factories wouldn’t let you watch this happen in person, so this is probably the best alternative way to check out this super fascinating procedure.

What’s your favorite factory video of this sort that you’ve seen? Is this one of the best? Share your wisdom down in the comments section!

Featured image: Science Channel/YouTube

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