Watch the History of the Entire World in About 20 Minutes

The Earth has been around for a pretty long time, we’ve been told. It was 4.54 billion years, give or take, when our home planet first formed. But how did it happen? It’s a question you’ve probably asked yourself before, but there’s more to it than that initial inquiry. For example, how did space come to be? How did matter first form? This is a deep rabbit hole we’re about to go down here, but thankfully, Bill Wurtz made a 20-minute video called “history of the entire world, i guess” that explains how we all got here… kind of halfheartedly, but still.

There’s definitely truth to what Wurtz is saying in his fast-paced narration, but we wouldn’t cite this video in any sort of academic paper. His approach of the subject is more broad, putting complex concepts into terms we can easily understand, or at least terms that are funny.

After rambling about nothingness and everythingness and the ethereal nature of time and space, he goes on to talk about quarks getting married in groups of three called protons or neutrons, that time a ball of flaming rocks (the Earth) got hit with another ball of flaming rocks, and from there, works his train of thought all the way up to cell phones.

If you’ve been looking for a history of everything in the abstract, this is your best bet, so check it out above and let us know what part of all that’s ever happened is your favorite! (We’re partial to the Cambrian explosion).

Featured image: bill wurtz/YouTube

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