Watch the Amazons Train in This WONDER WOMAN Set Video

Wonder Woman was one of the biggest films of 2017. It was a solid superhero film, it was fun to watch, and it was incredibly empowering for the women in the audience to see a huge group of women portrayed as strong and capable without concern for being eye candy for men.

During an early scene where all of the Amazons are riding together on horses, Gal Gadot even tells director Patty Jenkins that she can’t believe they’re filming a movie like this.  We really haven’t seen women portrayed as they are in Wonder Woman before, and it left an impact on moviegoers.Of course, the actors had to put in some work to show off the unbridled strength that we see in Wonder Woman. In order to get the Amazons to perform at their best, the best was hired to get the actors into Themysciran shape. In a new featurette released on the DC Fans United Facebook page, we get a glimpse into the training regimen the actors were put through by Mark Twight (the same guy who trained the Spartans in 300).

Understandably, most of the women chosen to play Amazons came into the film with a certain amount of physical ability and strength. Martial artists, Olympic athletes, Cross Fitters, and even a police officer were among the women chosen to be the warriors in Wonder Woman, along with actors. It makes the Amazons that much more amazing to see how they were played by women who exercise this strength in their everyday lives, too.

In their four months of Themysciran boot camp, the women didn’t just become stronger, they also bonded together as a team. In the featurette above and just about any interview you can find with any of the cast or crew of Wonder Woman, you’ll hear about how the women on the film supported one another and how the set became a bit of a little community while they were filming. That camaraderie is evident onscreen, and made Themyscira almost feel like it was a real place.

We can’t wait to see what Diana and the Amazons bring us in Wonder Woman 2! Until then, we’ll just be re-watching the badass Amazons do their thing in the first Wonder Woman!

What do you think of the Amazons’ training regimen? What are some of your favorite exercises and activities that make you feel like an Amazon? Tell us in the comments!

Feature Image: Warner Bros. 

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