Watch Michael Fassbender Breakdance, Thanks to Jessica Chastain

It’s been established at this point that Jessica Chastain is a veritable master of manipulation. I mean, did you see her in Crimson Peak? Chills. Anyway, luckily for us she has chosen to use her powers to bring good into the world, and today that good comes in the form of watching Magneto do the worm.

While hanging out on  The Graham Norton Show earlier in May, Michael Fassbender admitted to Norton that he wished he’d been allowed to perform a dance routine as David at the end of Prometheus while the credits were rolling. Apparently, he had a “breakdancing” phase in the ’80s. Lesser minds would simply have demanded that Fassy show them his moves, but not Jessica—she feigned ignorance, pretended like she had no idea what breakdancing was, and innocently suggested that he teach it to her.Check it out for yourself, and note the skillful way she eggs on the audience with her other hand while Michael Fassbender isn’t looking. I am in awe. Teach me your ways, dearest Jessica.

(Bonus Easter Egg: if what Fassbender jokes about just before taking off is true, his android performance is based on Gary Numan. Yeah, sounds about right.)

Too bad Fassbender won’t get to show off his skills in  Alien: Covenant when it hits theaters on May 19. On the plus side, however, now we can organize a letter-writing campaign to Ridley Scott for the next movie in the franchise. At the very least, we’ve all picked up a pretty devious trick from Jessica Chastain for the next time we want someone to entertain us with their Stupid Human Trick.

What do you make of Fassbender’s dancing abilities? Let us know in the comments below!

Image: BBC America

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