Watch Firefighters Lift a Car in the Air with Massive Hose Power

Okay, so it’s not exactly Arthur Weasley’s Flying Ford Anglia, but the car in the video below is doing something pretty astounding: It’s being levitated via pure fire-hose power, and also not falling on anybody’s head.

The video was made by a company of German firefighters, who apparently—according to their various Facebook videos that range from a GTA-style ride in a fire truck down a landing strip to a full-on stop-motion mini movie—love to spray their hoses on anything that isn’t on fire.

According to Jalopnik, who picked up on the video, the little Aqua-mobile (patented!) is a Trabant, which is an exceptionally lightweight car. An exceptionally lightweight car that’s made from, among other materials, “cotton waste from the Soviet Union and phenol resins from the East German dye industry.”

Launching a small car in the air—in a dolphin jetpack-like manner—isn’t a new trick. It’s been done before, including once on Mythbusters. But this time around the German firefighters tied balloons to the car, which is a nice touch. Also, doesn’t this little Trabant look like it was meant to fly—like it really really wants to take you to Hogwarts?

There’s no comment with the video regarding whether the water was recycled or not, so the question of if this is a waste of water is still up in the air (like the Aqua-mobile). This company of firefighters has apparently put out a truck fire with a giant water-dropping plane though, so we should probably give them some slack.

What do you think about this sort-of-flying car? Do approve of this water usage? Would you drive this thing around Waterworld in a heartbeat? Let us know in the comments below!

Images: Fire Motor

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