The 5 Best Characters to Play in WATCH DOGS: LEGION

Watch Dogs: Legion gives you the chance to convince any character you see in the game to join you. That’s right, anyone. Whether you cross paths with a sweet granny out for a walk, a streetwise graffiti artist in an alley, or a beekeeper working in the park, the entire city of London is yours to recruit.

Watch Dogs: LegionUbisoft

In Watch Dogs: Legion, you’ll need all the help you can to build a resistance. Every person you find in the game can be added to the team. You’ll find them where you’d expect, like police officers at New Scotland Yard or a hardworking doctor at the hospital. Everyone in London is ready to fight back.

Even with so many possible teammates to choose from, there are five that stand out from the crowd, and we can’t wait to play them.


Watch Dogs: LegionUbisoft

Dressed in an unsettling suit that would make even a murder hornet nervous, a beekeeper makes a surprisingly useful ally. Not only do they control a robotic bee swarm to shock their enemies, beekeepers are also immune to shock damage themselves. These insect experts make shockingly good allies to have on your side.


Sure, this one seems a bit obvious, but who doesn’t want a hitman on their side? Most hitmen usually only work for a high price, but these experts know that the fight to take back London is a cause worthy of their time and talents. Pistol and assault rifle expertise. Combat rolls. Garrote takedowns. Still not convinced? We have two more words for you: gun kata.

Construction Worker

Watch Dogs: LegionUbisoft

You already know these guys and gals are as tough as nails. Not only are they handy with a wrench and nail gun in more ways than one (ouch), they are capable of taking control of construction drones that give you a very useful bird’s eye view of the city. It looks pretty fun to take for a joyride, too.

Drone Expert

Did that drone up there catch your eye? There’s a drone expert somewhere on the London streets just waiting for you to recruit them into the resistance. With a shock drone, the ability to hack other drones, and a drone dive bomb at their disposal, these specialists are ready to hack their way to taking back the city.


You’ll be unstoppable with a spy on your side. They want you to find them, otherwise you’d never be able to spot and recruit someone with their talents and tech to your team. A silent pistol, a gun-jamming watch, and a missile-firing and cloaking car are all part of the package.

Let Dan Casey tell you all about recruiting a spy and other surprising teammates in this explosive episode of Explainiac.

Watch Dog: Legions is available on console and PC now.

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