Watch AHSOKA Reimagined As an ’80s Action TV Show

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Star Wars: Ahsoka has aired its season (series?) finale, and all of us Star Wars fans are eagerly awaiting what’s next. Will Ahsoka Tano and her apprentice Sabine Wren stay stranded in Peridea? While Ezra Bridger return the favor and rescue them? We have a lot of questions. But in the meantime, here’s something fun to ease your post-Ahsoka withdrawals. Via Geeks are Sexy, we’ve learned of a parody video from Auralnauts showcasing what Ahsoka would have looked like as TV action show in 1986. Something in the A-Team or Knight Rider vibe. You can watch the full hilarious video below:

Okay, so we love Ahsoka, but they do point out some hilarious things. First off, why does Hera Syndulla always dress in pilot gear even when she’s just hanging out? I mean, it does look cool. But this is live-action, she can change it for a staff meeting. Then there’s our priceless droid Huyang, who is 25,0000 years old and has the knowledge of just about every Jedi ever, and who is indeed used mainly for ship piloting and maintenance in this series. We really hope someone backed up his memories somewhere. Because this is a bit like taking the sarcophagus of King Tut to storm the beach at Normandy.

Rosario Dawson's Ahsoka as she'd look in a 1986 action show,

Having an A-Team-inspired video parodying Ahsoka fits, because Star Wars Rebels, to which Ahsoka is very much a sequel, had a lot of A-Team vibes. Except the Rebels crew had the Ghost to go from mission to mission. The A-Team just had a 1983 GMC Vandura van. One of those has lightspeed capabilities and is therefore that much cooler. Oh, and since she’s the pilot, does that make Hera Rebels’ version of Mr. T? We’re not sure if we like 1986 Ahsoka or 1975 Andor better. However, Auralnauts is knocking it out of the galaxy with their Star Wars video lately.

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