Watch a Water-Filled Exercise Ball Drop from 150 Feet Up

Helloooooooooo. Helloooooooooooo! Everybody remember the classic Seinfeld episode, “The Voice,” where Kramer starts up “Kramerica Industries” and decides that his first great product is going to be a bladder used for transporting oil? You know how that turned out, right? Well, if we needed just a bit more evidence that that idea is indeed quite awful, now we have it: Presented above is an exercise ball filled with roughly 30 gallons of water dropped from about 150 feet up. And yes, you’re in for watching a mondo splat.

The video, which comes via Sploid, was created by the crew at YouTube channel How Ridiculous; the crew that’s made up of a “Team of Aussie guys who love sport, trick shots and making a difference.” And while it seems like this particular video doesn’t really fall into any of those three categories, it does fall—get it?!—into the category of being explosively entertaining. Plus, none of Jerry’s girlfriends were harmed in the making of this video.Perhaps the best part of watching the ball drop is watching it explode against the ground in slow motion. If you need a way to release some tension in your life right now, then this slow-mo GIF is here to help:

If this video or GIF didn’t do the trick, you can also check out our list of 12 Pop Culture Pick-Me-Ups that may help you to keep your head up. Although if your name’s Claire and you happen to be standing outside of an office building and hear somebody shouting “Hellooooooo,” do not keep your head up; just move aside as quickly as possible.

What do you think about this mondo water-ball splat caught in slow-mo? Have your intern named Darin give us your thoughts in the comments below!

Images: How Ridiculous

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