Watch a Soccer Referee Enter a Game on a Flying Drone

There are so many things you can do with a drone, like go whale watching, play real-life Fruit Ninja, and make Thanksgiving dinner (although we don’t recommend the last one because it doesn’t actually work out all that well). We’re even getting to the point now where humans are able to ride on them… and in a way that is much cooler than those two-wheeled scooter things that somehow earned that title of “hoverboard” while being totally bound to the ground. Case in point: One ambitious Portuguese soccer official, whose story of drone-riding was shared on  Mashable.

The Portuguese Cup Final took place this Sunday, and they pulled out all the stops to get the game ball to the field. Instead of having a ball boy do it or something insufferably boring like that, a guy in a jumpsuit flew onto the field riding a drone like an airborne snowboarder, flying around the stadium for a bit before landing gingerly on the field and giving the ball to the referee.

While this technology may be very early in its life cycle, we can only imagine how it can be applied aside from ceremonious sports moments. Perhaps firemen and other types of emergency rescue crews of the future will be riding drones and saving lives more effectively, or maybe we’ll see ultra-tall department stores staffed by hoverboard-riding employees accessing inventory a hundred feet high.

What other ways can you think of using a rideable drone? Let’s speculate in the comments!

Featured image: FPFutebolOficial/YouTube

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