Watch a Real-Life Reinhardt Rocket Hammer from OVERWATCH Destroy a Car

If you’re playing Overwatch and you feel like holding the line and going beast mode on your opponents with something big and heavy, playing as Reinhardt with his Rocket Hammer is the way to go. If you’re experiencing the same urges in real life, now, thanks to the Hacksmith, choosing to play as Reinhardt with his Rocket Hammer is still apparently the way to go.

It seems that one of the most viscerally satisfying aspects of Overwatch is simply bludgeoning things with Reinhardt’s giant Rocket Hammer, and engineer / YouTuber the Hacksmith took it upon himself to bring those same delights into real life. And because the Pontiac Sunfire is apparently not such a great vehicle — according to the Hacksmith, don’t get angry at us Pontiac Sunfire owners all 12 of you! — he decided to put the “Hammer DOWN!” on one of them.

In the “Make it Real” video above, we see the Hacksmith and a few of his friends — we can only assume they are there as support heroes — absolutely annihilate the Sunfire. And because the mondo crusher weighs in at a tank-tingling 60 pounds and gathers extra go from a solid fuel rocket, it doesn’t take long for the poor little Pontiac to look something like Deadpool’s face (sorry Deadpool). Also, at around six minutes into the clip the Hacksmith uses heavy machinery to dismember the Sunfire because why not?

If you want to see how the Hacksmith built Reinhardt’s Rocket Hammer, you can check out the build video below. It’s a quick watch, and the final product includes a 3-D printed handle, a whole lot of plasma-cut steel, and the use of a single G-class model rocket — the largest model rocket the Hacksmith could legally buy — placed in the center of the hammer’s rear for propulsion.

What do you think about the Hacksmith’s Reinhardt Rocket Hammer build? Avoid lying down on the job by giving us your thoughts in the comments below!

Images: the Hacksmith

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