Watch 30 Minutes of Objects Getting Cut by a Hot Knife

Hey all, how’s the holiday season going? Is it carefree and fun for you? Or is it a bit stressful and uneasy? Whatever the case, do you have a half hour to kill right now? If so, we have something to put you in some sort of serene mood: This isn’t something we predicted we’d say today, but let’s spend the next 30 minutes watching various things get cut by a hot knife ( via Neatorama).

You know the saying, “Like a hot knife through butter,” right? Well, that’s how easy it is to watch this video. To understand what makes this video so satisfying to watch, you should know a bit about ASMR, or “autonomous sensory meridian response.” As explained by one of the leading ASMR YouTube channels GentleWhispering, “it’s a pleasant, tingling feeling that you experience when you year unique, soft voices, or hear certain soothing sounds.”There’s a visual element to it as well, so let’s consider the first clip in the above compilation as an example. After the knife is heated with a blowtorch, it’s then slowly pressed through the middle of a Twinkie, and as that happens, we hear the fire-like crackling of the heat eating up the breads and sugars, and you see the smoke as a small valley is created, dividing the sugary treat in two.

Can we explain why this feels so good to watch? Absolutely not, but we’re totally in. If you’ve run out of episodes of Bob Ross on Netflix to relax to, this is a strong next step.

Featured image: tracy ducasse

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