This WARHAMMER 40K Cosplay Will Blow You Away

There might not be any conventions this year, but there’s no shortage of amazing cosplay to blow us away. At Otakon 2019, one cosplayer combined artistry and cutting-edge engineering to craft a costume that’s jaw-dropping. Jeremy Chang’s Primaris Ultramarine from Warhammer 40,000 steps off the terrain and into the real world, and you just have to see it for yourself.

Warhammer 40k

Games Workshop

Chang is a self-described cosplayer, gamer, and engineer who’s also a grad student at the University of Maryland. We couldn’t help but be amazed when we came across his cosplay work. In a video for YouTube channel Nardio, Chang says that not only is the large costume a work of art, it’s a feat of engineering.

“I 3-D printed a plastic bearing system so that I could do a full arm rotation while I’m moving my arm,” he said.

As a grad student, he does suit simulation research for the future of astronaut suits. Chang went on to note that “we actually are developing these 3-D printed suit bearings for use with hard spacesuits.”

On Chang’s Instagram you’ll find even more amazing shots of his Warhammer 40k Ultramarine from days of conventions gone by. He also chronicled his build journey, from crafting the foam helmet and armor to putting together the pieces.

We’re also big fans of his Star Wars cosplay. His Chirrut Imwe cosplay and X-wing pilot uniform are simply impeccable. And just take look at the craftsmanship of his clone trooper armor as he dons the helmet of Echo from The Clone Wars.

Chang’s work is a brilliant reminder that when art and engineering come together, actual magic happens.

Featured Image: Games Workshop

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