Which WALKING DEAD Characters Will Die in Season 10?

The Walking Dead season ten mid-season finale is quickly approaching and, so far, this season has been pretty chill in terms of deaths. There have been a couple of Whisperer deaths along with minor survivors like Margo and Brandon, but so far the main cast has been safe. As any Dead fan knows, this midpoint of each season usually leads to some major turning event that causes the action to ramp up significantly.

This change typically comes in the form of killing of a major character and a conflict that results in more character deaths. Last season, Jesus’ death kicked off the Whisperer conflict and later led to the pike deaths. So, who will die in The Walking Dead season ten? We all know Michonne is leaving, but it’s pretty unlikely that the show would anger millions of fans by simply killing her off.

The show has veered far off from the comics so things can go pretty much any direction now. But, there are a few people whose chances are a bit higher at this point.



Ezekiel has had a rough couple of seasons. He went from leading a thriving and peaceful community to losing most of his fighters, his home, his son Henry, and Carol. Now, with his recent thyroid cancer diagnosis, it appears the show is bent on making the King as miserable as possible. He is already grappling with suicidal thoughts so it’s obvious that he has lost his will to live. Will Ezekiel sacrifice himself to save others because he thinks he will die anyway? Or, will he succumb to cancer? Either way, he’s at the top of the “most likely to die” list.



It’s no secret that The Walking Dead has done very little to develop Rosita’s story. She’s basically been relegated to a position as the woman who several men vie for, despite her many useful skills and talents. Actress Christian Serratos is supposedly playing Tejano star Selena in a Netflix series, so it wouldn’t be shocking if the show decided to go ahead and kill off her character. It would make more sense than decreasing her already limited appearances or trying to explain why yet another character has wandered off from home (ahem, Maggie). Her death would be a major blow to a lot of people who have known her for so many years.



Gabriel seems like a good candidate to actually follow his comic death. He has changed significantly over the past few seasons and at this point there really isn’t much else to do in terms of further developing his arc. Daryl may be Michonne’s right-hand man, but Gabriel is the one who really keeps the day to day things running while Michonne takes care of other business. If Alpha really wants to hurt Alexandria, she will take Gabriel’s life. It would be a lot to kill Gabriel and Rosita but it is almost certain that one of them will die.



The Whisperers came into play last season, so their story has to wrap up this season. The communities have already dealt with the complications of keeping a villain alive, so they are definitely going to kill Alpha. She’s the backbone that sustains her group together so it is the only way to dismantle the Whisperers.



Beta may have his thoughts about how things should be done, but he ultimately submits to Alpha. He is unhealthily attached to her and doesn’t seem to have the same influence and command over the group. Things will likely start to crumble and he probably won’t live too long after Alpha’s death. The TV show does have a third in command, Gamma, but she will likely die, take the remaining Saviors and retreat, or somehow do something to bring the group down.

Luke or Kelly


Luke’s group has fared pretty well so far. They were taken in at the Hilltop and didn’t lose anyone at the border. This luck has to run out soon and Luke is the weakest link among them. Luke doesn’t appear to have strong fighting skills and his screen time has been less prominent. He’s far too nice, jovial, and hopeful to make it past season ten.

Kelly’s fate isn’t looking so great either. She hasn’t gotten nearly as much development as Connie and she is struggling to adjust to her progressive hearing loss in the apocalypse. It’s not likely that Luke and Kelly will die, but at least one of them probably won’t make it.


The Hilltop hasn’t had great luck with its leaders. Maggie abandoned them, Jesus died, Tara died, and Enid died. He’s not necessarily the new leader (that seems more like Yumiko and maybe Ezekiel sometimes) but he does have some significant influence there now. Alden is a former Savior who is seeking retaliation against the Whisperers—the perfect combination for someone who is about to die.


Aaron is kinda off the rails right now. He’s filled with so much vengeance and anger over Eric’s death as well as the current Whisperer situation. In the words of Michonne, anger causes stupid decisions that get you killed, so it’s possible that Aaron will make some wrong move.

He’s already flirted with danger by tossing Gamma some gauze, so it’s not looking good for him. He might let Gamma get too close or somehow makes a decision that ends his life and others too. It would be extremely sad to see him go since he’s the one who brought Rick’s group into Alexandria.



The chances for Siddiq to die feel a lot less slim. Alpha and her group probably take pleasure in him being alive to tell the tale of the final moments before the great fair massacre. But, The Walking Dead likes to kill off doctors, especially when another one comes along to take their place. Dante might be Siddiq’s protégé that the show is prepping to replace him.

Siddiq has some stuff going on in the noggin. His frequent panic attacks, nightmares, and panics could be enough to take him off his game and cause him to be killed, especially if he ever sees a Whisperer face to face again.

Of course, there will be some minor and unnamed characters who will die this season. If you suddenly see a character getting more screen time and lines after barely speaking (remember Eric?) then they might be a goner. And, the show might pull a wild card and kill someone unexpected like Eugene. The fate of all these survivors are completely up in the air, but there’s always a few who are more likely to die.

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