The Best New Hair on THE WALKING DEAD, Ranked

Warning: this contains styling spoilers for The Walking Dead episode “Who Are You Now?”The Walking Dead took a time jump this week, and given that we’re not in a world where technology advances that much, how do you show a leap forward on the timeline? Why, with wigs, of course! While some characters remain stuck in their ways, many of the major players came to us with new ‘dos, and we’re here to tell you who rocked the best and worst follicular updates.6. CarolCarol has often seemed like she was wigging out, so why not be literal about it? A competitive sort, she seems like she’s now determined to grow her hair longer than her new hubby Ezekiel’s. As a bonus, it also makes her look more deceptively like a kindly grandma than the close-crop she used to have, and this can be conveniently misleading when you aren’t expecting her to burn you alive in the middle of the night.5. EugeneIt’s a real, real shame to lose Eugene’s terrible-on-purpose mullet, but, as he might say, every human-type person must progress in their understanding of the appeal presented within the positionin’ of one’s scalp fibers, or lack thereof. We presume the long braid (as opposed to metaphorical “party”) in the back is an attempt to impress Rosita.4. Father GabrielIt’s a smaller touch, but the gray goatee, in combination with his new favorite wide-brimmed hat (not pictured above), makes Gabriel look like he’s cosplaying WWE’s The Undertaker. Factor in the all-white eye, and that makes Gabriel the favorite to win Alexandria’s vote for the “Most Looking Like A Character From A Horror Movie” award.3. MichonneNo more bandana for Judith’s adoptive mother. Michonne’s just letting it fly, with a “business on one side, party on the other” lock style that might not be the most convenient for fighting if you think about it. However, it symbolizes no longer being tied down in a relationship, and a more leader-like style now that she’s pretty much the boss and can send others out to do the dead-stabbing.2. NeganWith a closer buzzcut and a trimmed beard, this look matches Negan’s overall “tear me down to build me up” aesthetic. It’s a back to basics look that isn’t hiding anything. All the more appropriate for the occasion of telling little kids about the stray dog you brought home one time that killed all your other dogs and then ate mom’s ear. You know, if there’e ever an appropriate haircut for that.1. Judith GrimesWhile other characters got new hairpieces or haircuts, Judith got herself a whole new actor. Gone are the baby curls; in is a hybrid style that combines the free-flowing locks of her late brother “Coral” with a braid that seems influenced by Mama Michonne. Probably not coincidentally, it’s also similar to the hairdo worn by Princess Leia in the Ewok village; another great warrior and legacy heir protected by a primitive civilization.How do you rate the hair? Would you comb through the episode to get a different opinion? Shear your thoughts in comments below!

Images: AMC

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