Virtual Reality Game TRANSFERENCE Puts You Inside a Corrupted Mind

Who would have though SpectreVision, the movie production company behind such diverse and uniquely frightening films as the acclaimed A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night and the controversial The Greasy Strangler, would have one of the most eye-catching trailers of E3 2018…for only their very first game? As proudly presented from the stage by the company’s cofounder Elijah Wood (maybe you’ve heard the name), what unfolds of Transference begins a bit like Strange Days, with the “uncanny valley” cannily used as the side effect of entering someone else’s point of view through computer hardware. You the player are wearing a VR headset, but so is the character you embody in the game.

And something’s not quite right in this other mind you’re now part of. Silhouettes, distortions, a thoroughly unreliable narrator…it looks as though this will be a solid SpectreVision scare.

If you’re thinking the humans look incredibly real, there’s a reason: Transference combines live-action filmmaking with gameplay for an experience its creators liken to an escape room…except the room you must find a way to exit is a human mind. And if you don’t have a VR device, there will be console adaptations for PS4, XBox One, and PC.

Are you ready to be “plunged into the experiment of a troubled scientist,” as the official description has it? Will the gap between movies and VR games be thoroughly obliterated, or will your sanity be the first to go inside this horror exploration experience? Tells u what you think in comments below.

Image: Ubisoft/SpectreVision

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