Which Video Game Universe Is the Biggest?

There’s a lot of thinking that goes into modern video games, and one thing that must be taken under especially heavy consideration is where the game is going to take place. What will this world look like? How will it be laid out? What will be in it? And how big is it going to be? The latter question is the one that most fascinated MetaBallStudios, who made a video comparing the size of various maps from notable video games over the years (via Geekologie).

The video begins with Grand Theft Auto III, which is 9 square kilometers (about 3.5 square miles). From there, it runs through a few favorites: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is 37 square km (~14.3 square miles), Grand Theft Auto V is 81 square km (~31.3 square miles) before things start getting much bigger much more rapidly. The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall is 161,600 square km (62,394 square miles, which is slightly smaller than Florida), for example.

And finally, there’s Minecraft, which blows everything else out of the water. Its world is 4,096,000,000 square km, or roughly 1,581,474,441 square miles. For comparison, this shiny blue marble that we call home has a surface area of about 510,100,000 square km, meaning that Minecraft has about eight times the surface area of Earth. So, in conclusion, Minecraft is quite big.

Of the games you’ve ever played, which one has the biggest map? What is your favorite video game world of all time, big or small? Let us know what you think down in the comments section!

Featured image: MetaBallStudios/YouTube

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