This Is How VENOM’s CGI Symbiote Came to Life

Wall-to-wall CGI fills every superhero movie these days. That’s just how it’s done. But what about when your titular character and your titular villain are both totally CGI creations, like in Venom: Let There Be Carnage? Well, in that case, the special effects shots are probably triple that of every other comic book movie. Sorry Spider-Man, but in this regard, Venom has got you beat.

Now, the folks at DNEG, one of the world’s leading visual effects companies, have put together of “fun facts” reel for the recent Venom sequel. You might be shocked at just what is CGI in this film, including things you’d never expect. Things such as Eddie Brock’s bathrobe. Yup, that was CGI too for one scene! You can watch DNEG’s full Venom: Let There Be Carnage fun facts video above.

Some details about Venom that were the most fascinating include the fact that they rebuilt Eddie’s CGI symbiote BFF from the ground up from the last movie. This time around, he has nearly four hundred distinct face shapes. The animators created over fifty distinct new muscles so Venom had “a more athletic look.” Also, they created twelve unique CGI symbiotes for this film, once you factor in all the different Venom and Carnage variations, and Wraith.

The full CGI creation that is Carnage, in Venon: Let There Be Carnage.
Sony Pictures

Also surprising is the amount of DigiDoubles of the actors in this film. There are several scenes of Woody Harrelson and Naomie Harris that are completely CGI. And in most cases, you’d need an eagle-eyed to notice. And the big cathedral were the final showdown takes place? Although some of it was a real location, a metric ton of it was pure CGI. DNEG has several effects reals from their recent films up on their channel similar to this one, including The Matrix: Resurrections and more. Be sure to head on over to their YouTube channel and check them out.

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