Retro Style VENOM Blu-ray Ad Takes You Back to the ’90s

If you’re a ’90s kid who grew up with Spider-Man: The Animated Series and collected all the action figures (remember Spider Wars Spidey with the metal arm?),then you’ll get all the nostalgic feels with this ad (via Bloody Disgusting) for Walmart’s upcoming exclusive Blu-ray release of Venom starring Tom Hardy. It comes with an exclusive retro style action figure. Watch the video below and go back in time:

Venom is a character defined by a very specific period of Marvel Comics, when countless appearances in Spider-Man and eventually in his own spin-off series propelled him to the top of the “Extreme” era of ’90s comics fame–when everything in comics had to more gritty, more violent, more everything than it was in the ’80s. What’s more extreme than a black suited Spider-Man with razor sharp teeth who wants to bite your head off? He’s a character literally made for the egos of thirteen year old boys, which is probably why he was always so popular with younger fans, then and now.Given that Venom was such a ’90s icon, it’s only fitting Walmart’s ad for their exclusive Blu-ray set should evoke the toy commercials from back then, which many of us watched between episodes of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles while eating a bowl of Fruit Loops.  Fans can get this release of Venom for $27.96 right now. Just think: it means you can watch Tom Hardy arguing with himself dripping in sweat in your own home to your heart’s content.

Images: Sony

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