VENOM and PREDATOR Join Forces to Form Some Twisted (Fake) Toys

Famous alien space invaders with a fondness for human blood are having quite a moment in 2018. Between The Predator and Venom, iconic extraterrestrial killers are taking over big screens everywhere. Our only wish is that there was some way to see how deadly the predators would be if they combined their powers with the incredible abilities of the symbiotes. Oh wait, there is! That’s right, it’s time for an intergalactic edition of Toy Smash! See what happens when Major Alan “Dutch” Schaefer takes over the black suit of Venom from Eddie Brock! See the unholy bond formed when Carnage finds a host in the original Predator! But that’s just the start because things get really scary when Scream unites with maybe the most perfect killing machine in the universe.

You didn’t really think we would do an alien invader Toy Smash without the Xenomorph, did you? Especially when “in space, no one can hear you Scream” was right there! This is Toy Smash, people, not Citizen Kane. And yet our greatest symbiotic relationship might belong to the team of Poison and Predator 2‘s City Hunter. That grotesque, black and white figure makes for one gorgeous, horrifying toy. In fact, “Poison City” looks so good we think we know how to make 2019 an even bigger year for killer space creatures: Toy Smash the Movie!It would be like combining the MCU, the Sonyverse, and the Predator franchise. Think of the action figures they could sell for that. Which Venom and Predator action figures do you wish we combined to see what kind of killer alien we could come up with? Tell us in the comments section below your best Toy Smash!

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