Venom ‘n’ Eddie Are Now the Internet’s Favorite Fantasy Couple

You have to wonder if director Ruben Fleischer saw this coming. In the Venom movie, when Michelle Williams briefly carries the symbiote to safety, becoming She-Venom for just long enough to make out with Tom Hardy, did he understand that the internet’s gonna internet, and fans weren’t necessarily going to imagine Williams and Hardy together after that scene, but rather, Venom and Hardy? According to a new report from Syfy Wire, Tumblr is obsessed with “Symbrock.” Tumblr says the ship name topped fan shipping posts on the site for the week ending October 15. Other social media channels haven’t been slouching either.

A lot of credit for this likely goes to Hardy, who is the most desirable face of Eddie Brock to date in pop culture. Another attraction factor for the new Venom is the symbiote’s self-admission that he’s kind of a loser, despite being a giant super-powered fang monster. Bad boys with a secret vulnerable side are always hot, and outcast couples are beloved by fandom. But not every shipping is romantic; some just have Eddie and Venom as cute buds.

Sometimes, the symbiote’s a cute pet.

However, the ones depicting Symbrock as a couple seem to be the majority.з

Notably, none of the art we’ve seen yet involves the movie’s She-Venom. The consensus seems to be that the symbiote identifies male even when briefly in a female body (it is voiced by Hardy, after all). And while the movie didn’t really give this key plot point its due, fans have expanded on the notion that the creature’s love for Eddie and his body and thoughts changed its mind about going home.

We’ve got a feeling you’ll be seeing a whole lot of interesting cosplay soon.Have you shipped Eddie and Venom yet? If so, how? Please tell us in comments.

Featured image: Sony

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