VAMPIRONICA #3 Sends Veronica Home to Face Her Nightmare (Exclusive Preview)

Until recently, the primary problem Veronica Lodge had to worry about was keeping Archie Andrews away from Betty Cooper.

But now, Veronica has much bigger problems in Vampironica, the latest horror title from Archie Comics. As the name implies, Veronica has become an unwilling member of the undead after she witnessed her parents being slaughtered in their own home. Next month, Vampironica #3 will continue Veronica’s dark rebirth; we have an exclusive first look at some unlettered pages from the issue.

So far, Veronica has been cut off from her family’s considerable resources and forced to hide from Archie and Betty as she watched them get closer together. Veronica has also suffered from horrific nightmares about her monstrous nature and what it may mean for her friends.

The good news is the transformation seems to have brought out Veronica’s inner Buffy, and she’s becoming more acclimated to her new status quo. Veronica has even found an unexpected ally in the form of Dilton Doiley, one of the smartest kids at her high school. Dilton quickly figured out Veronica had become a vampire and took steps to help her. But in the next preview page, Dilton spots Archie heading towards the Lodge mansion…and it may not be safe for either of them there.

Now it’s time for Dilton to step up and become a hero, and it looks like he’ll get his chance when he meets Ivan, the vampire who turned Veronica.

Finally, Veronica will get her own chance for revenge. But is she strong enough to stop her sire?

Vampironica #3 is written by Greg and Megan Smallwood, with art and cover by Greg Smallwood. You can see that cover below alongside the variant covers by Francesco Francavilla and Audrey Mok. Vampironica #3 will be released on Wednesday, September 12.

What do you think about this preview for Vampironica #3? Let us know in the comment section below!

Images: Archie Comics

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