Up Your Game With This Complete, In-Depth POKÉMON SUN and MOON Pokédex

Data mining the demo for Pokémon Sun and Moon revealed some information about the just-released games, but most of the important strategic info is only available once players get their hands on the game. Players who play Pokémon in a less casual way need all the statistics they can get, and that’s why websites like Bulbapedia are so valuable to players who need to know everything from what moves Pokémon can learn to what their base stats are.

The community-edited site already has a pretty good handle on the data of the game, and now Bulbapedia has also created The Bulba Handbook, which presents all of the Pokémon available in Sun and Moon in numerical order and with all the basic information.Each Pokémon gets its own visually pleasing (and mobile-friendly) page that includes everything you’d want to know about them for in-game purposes: base HP, base attack, base defense, base special attack, base special defense, base speed, abilities, locations, leveling and hatching information, learnsets by leveling up, compatible TM/HMs, moves learned by breeding and tutoring, and information about other Pokémon in the same evolutionary line.

Aside from stats, The Bulba Handbook takes a big-picture look at just what Pokémon from previous generations and the current one are available in Sun and Moon. What might be most fascinating, though, is how long we’ve been staring at the Alolan forms of familiar Pokémon. That Fabio-haired Dugtrio and the long-necked Exeggutor show why we love Pokémon in the first place.

Check out a gallery of a few of our favorite Alolan variations below, and check out The Bulba Handbook to see which of your favorite previous-generation Pokémon made it into the new game.

Images: The Pokémon Company

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