Unleash HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON’s Night Fury On Your D&D Campaign

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When piecing together the backstory of a new Dungeons & Dragons character or looking for inspiration for the campaign you’re currently running, it’s easy to turn to pop culture for ideas. From Buffy the Vampire Slayer to, naturally, Lord of the Rings and beyond, some of pop culture’s most beloved stories can fit easily into other tales. How To Train Your Dragon, a kids book series and smash hit movie franchise, is no exception! Everyone loves Toothless, a fiercely loyal dragon who’s more cat than catastrophic, so why not add a dragon just like him to your campaign?

Redditor Daimon5hade first shared his take on adding the Night Fury to Fifth Edition in 2016, but has since updated the text based on community feedback. The “unholy offspring of lightning and death itself,” described How To Train Your Dragon protagonist Hiccup, Night Furies are as deadly as you’d expect. (Not all dragons can be as cute as Toothless, after all.)


In these homebrewed rules, the Night Fury is more creature than companion; Toothless and Hiccup had a hard-won friendship that was incredibly rare, after all. The creator also made an effort to draw from D&D lore when bringing the Night Fury to the world.

“I wanted to give them interaction with the official content, and everything about White Dragons perfectly encapsulated a Night Fury’s enemy,” he commented.

Check out Daimon5hade’s Night Fury homebrew content and decide if you’re bringing the terrifying dragon to your own campaign! And be sure to tell us how it goes when your players first encounter the jet black master of the skies. (Did they give it a fish?)

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Homebrew Content Image:  Daimon5hade

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