Universal Studios’ NINTENDO Theme Park Might Have Real-Life MARIO KART

A few months ago, Universal Studios announced that it would play host to a new theme park attraction called Super Nintendo World, promising a bunch of fun Mario-themed features. It was revealed yesterday ( via My Nintendo News) that Nintendo filed a trademark application for Super Nintendo World; as Uproxx notes, the text reveals a bunch of fun stuff the attraction could be getting, like Hugh Jackman’s beloved real-life Mario Kart.

The way a trademark application works is as such: the filing party lists everything it can think of that it wants to do with the trademark in question. In this case, the document includes “organization, management or arrangement of kart racing.” If that doesn’t scream, “OH MY GOD WE’RE GETTING MARIO KART IRL,” we’re not sure what does.There are a ton of other possibilities besides that too, although it’s important to note that a trademark application is more thorough than it probably needs to be, meaning that Nintendo won’t necessarily act on everything they mention in the document. Still, they mention “entertainment shows and events,” “plays,” “musical performances,” and, most excitingly, “games for handheld game apparatus” and “games for smart phones,” meaning that we could get games that can only be bought/downloaded on site, or games that can only be played in the park.

Basically, Super Nintendo World is shaping up to be a video game wonderland filled with every positive thing you can imagine. What sorts of features and attractions would you like to see? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Featured image: Nintendo

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