Nathan Fillion Stars as Nathan Drake in Awesome UNCHARTED Fan Film!

Last year, the eternally in-development Uncharted movie lined up the MCU’s own Spider-Man,  Tom Holland, to star as a young Nathan Drake in a prequel adventure to Naughty Dog’s video game series. Long before this casting, however, fans of the games have been clamoring for Firefly‘s  Nathan Fillion to portray Nathan Drake… and that wish has finally come to pass. Fillion headlined an Uncharted fan film that picks up with Drake in a very precarious position before launching a new quest alongside a few familiar faces.

Stephen Lang co-stars in the 15-minute film as Victor “Sully” Sullivan, with Mircea Monroe as Elena Fisher. Along the way, Drake takes a lot of physical punishment while pulling off a heist, much like his video game counterpart. There’s even a scene that calls back to Drake’s gun battles which captures the essence of the Uncharted series without dwelling on it for too long.

After the film was released online, Fillion wrote a message on his Instagram account in which he thanked the short’s director and co-writer, Allan Ungar, for allowing the cast to briefly fulfill their Uncharted dreams.

We don’t know if Fillion and company will ever get the chance to bring this Uncharted story to the big screen, but it’s something we would very much like to see!

What did you think about the Uncharted fan-film? Let us know in the comment section below!

Image: Allan Ungar

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