THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY Season 3 Uncovers the Sparrow Academy and a Dark Secret

Ever since the finale of Umbrella Academy season two, fans have been clamoring to know more about the mysterious Sparrows. Introduced in one of the best TV twists in ages, the shadowy figures could be seen standing on the balcony of the mansion the Umbrella Academy once called home.

In the first episode of the third season we meet Hargreeves’ other children. There’s No. 1 Marcus, No. 2 Ben, No. 3 Fei, No. 4 Alphonso, No. 5 Sloane, No. 6 Jayme, and No. 7 Christopher. But why does the Sparrow exist in The Umbrella Academy‘s new timeline? It all goes back to one of TV’s worst fathers, Reginald Hargreeves, and a larger secret that this season ultimately reveals.

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Why Does the Sparrow Academy Exist?
Umbrella Academy Season 3 or three first look images the Sparrows showing their powers

This is a particularly interesting question as it’s one that was never answered in the comics. The Sparrows appeared at the end of the last published issue of Umbrella Academy. So this series is the first time that we’re learning more about them. Surprising no one, the reason for the existence is absolutely terrible and all the fault of Reginald Hargreeves.

When his long suffering children found him in the ’60s during season two, they needed his help. That was enough for him to decide that he’d failed in his choices and would adopt different superpowered kids in the future. Thus began the creation of the Sparrows and the fall of the new timeline’s Reginald. In an extra cruel twist, he told this to Klaus, who was simply seeking out the father he still loves. 

What Happened to Reginald Hargreeves in the Sparrow Timeline?
Umbrella Academy first look images featuring the Hargreeves, the Sparrows and company, a man holding a box of cookies

In this timeline, Reginald raised the Sparrows too well. His intensive training and nightmarish control mean that the kids became too smart for him. Soon they were drugging him and as he “signed his life away.” The Sparrows essentially treat him as a prisoner in his home. In a way, it’s what Reginald always wanted. The family aspect of the Umbrella Academy was a byproduct rather than the point. He wanted a superhero team and he got them. But in an ironic twist they now use their powers to subdue and control the man who created them. And to be honest… that was not actually a bad idea.

Does The Umbrella Academy Exist in the Sparrow Timeline?  
Umbrella Academy first look images, members of the team looking suprised

Well, they certainly do now. But, before the Umbrella Academy came into the Sparrow Mansion, there were no other versions of them on the Earth. As Klaus discovered during his ill-fated trip to meet his mother, each of the Umbrella Academy’s mothers were killed before they could be born. Those deaths lead to the nightmarish paradox of the Kugelblitz. But as it was later revealed, the paradox wasn’t actually their fault, that was more to do with Sissy’s son Harlan. So now both the Sparrows and the Umbrellas exist in this universe.

Another major difference here is that Reginald never killed himself. And he fired Pogo because he was trying to protect the Sparrows from Reginald’s unhinged plans. Sadly, Klaus’ love for his father and desperation for his approval frees Reginald from his golden cuffs and puts the sweet-hearted burnout at Reginald’s mercy. Despite Klaus’ pure-hearted belief in his new timeline father, Reginald is up to his own tricks, trying to send the leftovers of both versions of his children on his cosmic suicide mission. And while he manages to convince them, he’s been keeping another secret. Shocking, we know.

Reginald Hargreeves Big Project Oblivion Revelation, Explained
An image from the finale of Umbrella Academy S2 shows the team looking in shock behind them as Reginald Hargreeves stands in front of them

Well, the truth about Hotel Oblivion reveals a bigger truth about Hargreeves and both teams. While at first it seemed as simple as Reginald wanting to replace the Umbrellas with better heroes, it’s actually far more bleak. The eccentric billionaire needed seven super powered children as sacrifices to power the machine inside Hotel Oblivion.

Once he used them to defeat the guardians he began to suck their power, allowing him to reshape the universe. But instead of fixing the Kugelblitz, he rewrote history to make himself all-powerful. In the final scenes we see the city remade with his name emblazoned on every surface. And an older woman stands by his side. Is this is a timeline where he and the real Grace stayed together? Basically, good old Reggie bought, raised, and sacrificed his children all for his selfish means. 

Why Is Reginald Hargreeves So Evil in The Umbrella Academy
Reginald Hargreeves in Umbrella Academy

That, readers, is the greatest question of all…

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