THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY: 8 Questions After Season 3

And just like that, it’s over. Yep, if you’re like us you’ve already watched all 10 heartbreaking episodes of The Umbrella Academy season three. If you have then you’re in the right place. We’re going to break down the eight biggest questions we have after the finale. Join us as we dig into our theories, thoughts, and queries. Of course, if you haven’t finished season three then don’t read on.  

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Will the Umbrella Academy Get Their Powers Back?

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Honestly, if this was any other show I think we could decisively say yes. But as this is The Umbrella Academy, this one is a bit more up in the air. We can assume that part of next season may well be about the team trying to get their powers back. But a fair few of the crew seemed very excited to just live their lives… feels like a conflict to me. Also, Reginald is now ruler of all that he sees, and it seems like he may well have taken his children’s powers so they can’t stop him. By Umbrella Academy logic, it feels like they’ll need to get them back to defeat him. So we can say that we think some of the team will probably end up with their powers back… 

What’s Going On with Ben? 

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As the Umbrella Academy makes their way out of the portals that lead them to the now named Obsidian Park, they’re joined by Ben. That makes sense as he was with them when they were at the hotel. So why isn’t Sloane there? Well, it seems that the Sparrow(s) are no longer part of this world, or Sloane got lost in the portal between the timelines. Either way, Ben made it through which is likely to do with him being a part of the original Umbrella Academy. But after the team split up we get a post credits scene showing him in Korea looking suave on a train. 

It’s a hint that the world of The Umbrella Academy is going to expand out next season. Justin H. Min is Korean-American so fans have long wanted to see that aspect of Ben’s life brought to the screen. What is he doing in Korea? Well, it’s unclear, but this is Sparrow Ben and he’s looking happy and wealthy, could he be in cahoots with dear old dad? We’d hate to see it but perhaps Ben is a new head of Hargreeves global takeover? Or maybe he’s playing Succession and planning to take the old bastard down… 

An even bigger picture question is what happened to his superpowered Sparrow siblings? 

Is Sloane or Any of the Other Sparrows Alive in This New Timeline?

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In order for Reginald’s awful new world to not fall victim to another Kugelblitz, it would make sense that he didn’t write his new children out of existence. With the rules set up this season, that would create another paradox as it was draining them of his powers that allowed him to rewrite the universe in the first place. So that means somewhere in his hellish new world, Sloane and her siblings could and should exist. But where are they? Do they have their powers? And will Sloane remember her husband Luther? Those are surely going to big questions going forward into season four, especially as we know Reginald is even more evil than we thought. So there’s a chance he has the Sparrows squirreled away for his own nefarious means. 

Will Allison and Viktor Reconcile?

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This is the question we’re most passionate to get an answer to. The breakdown between Allison and Viktor has been incredibly hard to watch this season. So we’re desperate to know whether they’re going to find their way back to the loving relationship they used to share. After the loss of Claire and the death of Harlan, both Viktor and Allison are grieving. And they blame each other for the loss of their loved ones. That seems insurmountable now. But we hope it isn’t. 

As the series ends after where the last issue of the comic book left us, we don’t have source material to look to. But we’re hoping that despite everything the two Hargreeves manage to rebuild. In the canon of The Umbrella Academy, the family forgiving each other is key to pretty much every facet of the story. While it seems like their bond may have broken for good, we’d love to see season four center on a reconciliation, exploring the work forgiveness really takes. 

What Was the Machine in Hotel Oblivion?

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This is a really intriguing question. It feels like we could either never revisit it again or it could become a major part of next season. We know that someone built the machine, which is why Reginald bought the hotel. But we don’t actually know what it does or how it uses the particles held by powered kids to do it. What was the original purpose of the machine? In the comics it was a cosmic trap that lured its victims by imprisoning criminals. Here it seems to be a universe-manipulation device that someone created but then protected with murderous samurai. Who created the machine? Could it be revealed this is another commision conundrum? It’ll be interesting to see if we learn more when we reach season four. 

Are the Umbrella Academy’s Timeline Woes Truly Fixed?

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We can safely say no to this one as we leave them in a world that’s completely ruled by their maniacal alt-universe father Reginald. So even if the Kugelblitz was stopped, we’re sure that the crew will need to fix the world once again to get it out of his grubby claws. How that will go down with Allison, who finally got what she wanted and was reunited with her daughter Claire, is still to be seen. But that morally complex quandary is definitely going to be a big part of what we see next season, as Viktor allowed Allison to “press the button” resetting the timeline, and trusting her sibling to do what was right, though now they’re all going to be paying for that choice.  

Will the Team Reunite Again?

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This is really the central question of every Umbrella Academy season. The show excels when the siblings are together, and while we last left them walking down different paths—literally—we can expect to see them reunite next season. The question is for how long, in what form, and where? It looks like in the space between now and then the Hargreeves are each going to go out on their own and try to make a non-powered life for themselves. While that’s a nice idea it won’t be too long til they realize their nefarious father is apparently the ruler of the world, which will not sit well with the kids.

We leave Diego and Lila heading off to start a happy home, Luther on the search for Sloane, Ben in Korea looking happy, Allison with Claire and Ray, and Klaus, Viktor, and Five looking confused about what the future holds. So it’ll probably be one of the latter three who try and reunite their siblings when the time comes. 

Who Was with Reginald at the End of the Finale?

After the horrifying and fatal—for a lot of the cast—events of Umbrella Academy season three, we leave Reginald Hargreeves with more power than ever before. As he surveys his dominion we see a woman step out beside him. We’re pretty sure this is real Grace, the woman who he based the robot who raised his children on. During this season Reginald talks about not doing enough to save the people he loved. While poor sweet Klaus thinks he means his kids, this reveal makes it clear he actually means the one person he’s ever loved, Grace. In this timeline the pair are reunited and rule over a new Hargreeves dominion. Wonder how Diego’s going to feel when he sees dear old mom come to life?

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