The Funniest (and Sweetest) “U Want This” Bunny Tweets

If you’ve been on Twitter sometime in the last few weeks, you probably noticed a new meme going around: An emoticon bunny offering up something for a witty price. For instance:

The meme took off, inspiring a slew of creative interpretations. with everything from a fun football back-and-forth…

To some tender, positive reinforcement for anyone having a rough day…

To the straight up adorable.

Even some big-name brands are getting in on the action. You didn’t expect Chipotle to ignore a good meme opportunity, did you?

Some brands even used the meme to get to the specifics of an industry. Any writer can relate to this one from Literary Hub.

We’re also super into the clever pop culture nods.

But the downright silly ones are a pretty great mood-lifter.

Overall, the positivity and posterity of the “u want this” bunny meme is another example of the internet counterbalancing scary real-world realities with the totally pure. Who doesn’t love that? Thanks, little bunny, for making these last few weeks on the internet just a little bit brighter.

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Image: Oh My Disney

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