Twitter’s Best Reactions to Twitter Removing the “Like” Button

Twitter has a lot of problems that are long overdue to be addressed. From abuse and threats, to trolling bots that sow political discord, to the spread of hate speech, to inconsistent enforcement of the site’s own guidelines, to literal Nazis, there are many important issues that must be fixed. The “like button” is definitely not one of them.And yet, according to The Telegraph, the site will remove the “like” function soon, in an effort “to improve the quality of debate.” Because that’s what Twitter needs, more arguing. Needless to say users are not happy with this shortsighted, inane, inexplicable decision, and they are letting Twitter know about it.

Hopefully things won’t get this grim.

Maybe this isn’t all bad though. Maybe Twitter will replace the “like” button with something that better captures what it’s like to use the site with all of its problems.

So, uh, how do we tell these people we like their tweets?What do you think of Twitter getting rid of the “like” feature? We’d like to hear from you in the comments below.

Featured Image: Twitter

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