Tired Film And TV Tropes Get Skewered On Twitter

As things often happen in our social media age, it all started rather simply. One Twitter user and college professor named Rory Turnbull posted the following tweet, in which he very accurately calls out a very common trope in practically every movie and television show that has a scene with a  professor giving a lecture in it.

Ok, he’s not wrong. Even Indiana Jones got caught with this trope more than once.After this post, it became a meme, and dozens of other people made similar posts, calling out lazy tropes in movies and TV, that are, by now, very well worn.Here’s one that should be very familiar to anyone who ever watched Sex and the City.

This is every single court room television series and film ever made at this point.

This tired-ass trope started with Basic Instinct probably…and probably should have ended with it too.

Did this start with Rain Man? Not sure, but it’s also time to retire this one.

Yeah, and these can be retired yesterday as well.

Shades of Clueless?

This was also once every movie ever made for the Lifetime network

I don’t know about you, but this one personally drives me crazy and shouting “who does that??” every time I see it.


This one is right on, but forgot to mention the house is haunted AF.

Beware of any Sharp Objects.

Image: Paramount Pictures

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