TWISTERS Epic New Trailer Hunts Down a Once-in-a-Generation Tornado Outbreak

Are you a director leading an action-packed legacy sequel that will try and recreate a thrilling cinematic experience? Cast Glen Powell. After helping Tom Cruise rediscover the need for speed in the box office blockbuster Top Gun: Maverick, Powell is going bring audiences on an all-new, exhilarating storm chase. And if the latest trailer for Twisters is any indication of what that will be like, Powell is going to be a big part of another long awaited sequel that proves to be worthy of its predecessor.

My highly professional opinion of this trailer is simple: YEEEEEAAAAHHH! Let’s go. To the theater, that is. I’ll let the fictional people of Twisters go into the middle of a “once-in-a-generation tornado outbreak.” I’m old enough to know a safe movie theater is the only way to experience that. (That means no drive-ins in the middle of the storm’s path.)

Unlike the last time, this film won’t pit high-paid fancy scientists against a rough and tumble crew. Instead it will see their respective leaders come together in a wild, deadly race against Mother Nature. And yet, with Twisters‘ main character haunted by her tornado past, this is a sequel that plays both with and against the original movie. That should help ensure it still feels like a Twister movie while also standing on its own, the best type of sequel.

Glen Powell smiles atop a truck in Twisters
Universal Pictures

Even Twisters‘ official synopsis has us ready to ride back into the heart of a destructive tornado. From Universal Pictures:

Daisy Edgar-Jones stars as Kate Cooper, a former storm chaser haunted by a devastating encounter with a tornado during her college years who now studies storm patterns on screens safely in New York City. She is lured back to the open plains by her friend, Javi (Anthony Ramos) to test a groundbreaking new tracking system. There, she crosses paths with Tyler Owens (Powell), the charming and reckless social-media superstar who thrives on posting his storm-chasing adventures with his raucous crew, the more dangerous the better. As storm season intensifies, terrifying phenomena never seen before are unleashed, and Kate, Tyler and their competing teams find themselves squarely in the paths of multiple storm systems converging over central Oklahoma in the fight of their lives.

Two people stand on a red pickup truck while a man stands near the front all out in an open field with a stormy sky in a poster for Twisters
Universal Pictures

Twisters comes from director Lee Isaac Chung (Minari). Mark L. Smith (The Revenant) wrote the script. (Which means we can thank him for the fire tornado.) The movie also stars Brandon Perea, Sasha Lane, Daryl McCormack, Kiernan Shipka, Nik Dodani, and Maura Tierney.

It twists into theaters this summer on July 19. And if it’s as good as this Twisters trailer looks, another action legacy sequel starring Glen Powell will certainly follow it into theaters.

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