Watch TWISTED METAL Stars Anthony Mackie and Stephanie Beatriz Play the Actual Game

Twisted Metal is bringing its high-octane apocalyptic world to life soon in a Peacock series starring Anthony Mackie. The trailer certainly caught our attention with its blend of action, comedy, and fun that really captures the game’s essence. When it comes to a live-action adaptation of a game, people always wonder about the film’s stars and if they even like video games. Well, we don’t have to wonder about that with Twisted Metal’s cast. A new featurette, aptly titled “Test Your Metal,” includes showrunner/EP/writer Michael Jonathan Smith, Anthony Mackie, and Stephanie Beatriz playing Twisted Metal: Black while they chat about their filming experience. (Note: This was filmed in January 2023 prior to the current actors and writers strikes.)

While they battle through the 2001 game (the show takes place in the same year), the group chats about an array of things. For example, Mackie reveals he wasn’t a huge gamer growing up but he did have an Atari. In his neighborhood, someone getting a PlayStation was a cause for celebration. Beatriz laughs about spitting in a co-worker’s face for a specific scene. She also reminisces on being a passenger princess prior to getting her license. Honestly, I have had my driver’s license for 20 years and I love being in the passenger seat. Meanwhile, Anthony Mackie got his license in 2002 and loved jamming to CDs in his car.

twisted metal cast playing twisted metal in a featurette

Smith talks about wanting to capture the essence of the early 2000s and developing Sweet Tooth’s story. It’s pretty clear that they have great chemistry and loved working with each other. At the end of the featurette, they all agree that the show is a great escape from life. Game adaptations are having a great run right now so hopefully fans will dig this series too.

Twisted Metal hits Peacock on July 27.

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