TWIN PEAKS Inspired Custom LEGO Mini Figures Are Just Too Dreamy

With David Lynch and Mark Frost’s cult classic TV series, Twin Peaks, finally coming back next year on Showtime, it seems that now would be the perfect time to launch a whole slew of Peaks-related merchandise for eager fans to buy. Twin Peaks has never had a lot of official merch outside of the occasional coffee mug or t-shirt, as series co-creator David Lynch is very leery of approving most merchandise. So while a new Twin Peaks online shop has just popped up via Showtime, with cool new swag and and art, there aren’t any Funko figures for example, or other such items that fans would totally shell out money for.

Among the kinds of items Twin Peaks fans would love to buy — but would surely almost never be released officially — are LEGO sets featuring the characters from the show. Sure, LEGO does sets for all kinds of unlikely things now ( Suicide Squad, anyone?) but a LEGO set for a show about the murder of a teenage girl still seems highly unlikely to ever be happening in an official capacity. But thanks to the folks at Welcome to Twin Peaks, we’ve learned that custom LEGO creators at Citizen Brick have created their own Twin Peaks-inspired set, which they have labelled “Double Mountain Murder Mystery Town,” to make sure this remains squarely in the realm of parody and they can’t be sued.The custom LEGO set, which will set you back about $60, features Kyle MacLachlan’s Agent Dale Cooper, with a giant tape recorder as his accessory, along with a cup of coffee. The corpse of murdered homecoming queen Laura Palmer herself is here too, wrapped in plastic of course. The Log Lady and her log are included, as is the so-called “Little Man From Another Place” from the infamous Red Room/dream sequence. Finally, saddle-shod sex pot Audrey Horne (Sherilyn Fenn) rounds out the set. No Killer BOB…but maybe that’s a good thing (although you can see BOB in LEGO form in this classic Twin Peaks/LEGO mash-up video). You can see images for the new custom LEGO set down below in our gallery.

Are you down to buy these Twin Peaks inspired LEGO? Let us know down below in the comments. And for BOB’s sake, what do we have to do to get some Twin Peaks Funko Pop! vinyls up in this place??

Images: Citizen Brick / CBS

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