Jared Leto to Star in Disney’s TRON 3

Ever since TRON: Legacy hit theaters a decade ago, fans have been wondering when we’d get to travel back into the world of “The Grid” once more. According to a report from Deadline and confirmed by Nerdist, it looks like movement has officially begun on a third TRON installment. Garth Davis (Lion) is in negotiations to direct, with Jared Leto set to star.

Leto’s attachment to a third TRON film has been known for a few years, and it looks like his involvement is assured now.

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The Walt Disney Company

There is still a lot more that we don’t know about TRON:3. Will it be a reboot or will it be a sequel to the last two films? Will Garret Hedlund and Olivia Wilde return from the last movie? Will a third TRON go theatrical or will it be a Disney+ exclusive? (A TRON series was in development for the streamer, but ultimately went nowhere.)

Most importantly, will the new TRON see the return of Daft Punk to create the score? Regardless of what one thinks of the movie, the TRON: Legacy score remains one of the best of the past decade. If there is one key component that should feature in this latest installment, it’s their music.

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The Walt Disney Company

The original TRON was an innovative and expensive film for Disney back in 1982, but it underperformed at the box office. It did spawn a successful arcade game, which helped propel the property into the public consciousness. Then years of TV airings helped make the original a cult classic. To the point where Disney felt the push to do a sequel nearly 30 years later.

The TRON brand is important to Disney, due to the fact that the TRON: Light Cycle Power Run coaster in Shanghai Disneyland is such a popular ride. In fact, that ride will soon be coming stateside to Walt Disney World. And, hopefully, eventually to Disneyland in California as well. Just for the fact alone, the Mouse House has an investment in keeping this IP alive and well.

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