Triniton: The Epic New Sci-Fi RPG You Need Now

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Not a lot of the most well-loved RPGs are easy for new, younger players to pick up. There’s a fine line to walk between making a fun RPG that’s accessible to new players, yet still engaging enough for RPG veterans. Luckily,  Triniton has you covered.

This new RPG from Christian Ahlin delves into a world of sci-fi rather than high fantasy. The essential storyline has the players working to save a planet and its inhabitants from being swallowed into darkness by an evil force called the Voider. It’s a classic race-against-the-clock type of game and is a great way to introduce younger players to the world of RPGs.

While the in-game universe is vast, you don’t have to feel like you’re an expert in Triniton lore and history to enjoy the game, and you don’t have to dedicate a night or two a week to playing unless you want to. The game comes with a prequel short story to lay some background, a soundtrack to make sure the mood is just right, a specialized deck of cards for in-game minigames, and a main adventure book with 9 modular chapters and 43 quests.

The book includes guides to being a player or GM for those new to the hobby, a detailed appendix, tons of resources to help you understand the game, as well as some “ready made” characters to get you going. There are even tools to help you hook up with other Triniton gaming groups in your area. From the story to the supporting documents, this game is made to ensure new players feel empowered, and aren’t too intimidated by role play gaming.

Triniton‘s accessibility to all sorts of players really sets it apart from other RPGs. It’s a game that brings the fun, vast world, and imagination of some of the most classic RPGs while presenting it in a play format that even the younglings relish (just check out that adorable little girl playing in the trailer below). But don’t worry, this game isn’t only for new players. More of an RPG expert? There are morally challenging quests to help you taking your gaming experience up a notch. Saving the world from the Voider can be as straightforward or as complicated as you’d like it to be!

The game’s creator, Christian Ahlin, is a father of two daughters, and found that parenthood gave him the storytelling bug. He discovered that many stories–whether printed in a book or told through gaming–had a lot of the same tropes that limited his daughters rather than empower them. So he wanted to create something different for his girls. After all, telling stories is a great way to teach kids morals and valuable lessons. The story behind Triniton avoids a lot of those common, unhelpful tropes seen in science fiction, and is both empowering and engaging enough to play through, regardless of your age or skill level.

From a unique story to accessible and challenging gameplay to a simply beautiful game, I’m pretty sure Triniton might be your soul-mate. Or soul-game, if that’s a thing. However you refer to it, this game looks incredibly badass.

Want to check out the game for yourself? You can head to the official Triniton website to order yourself a copy, and tell us what you’re most excited to encounter in-game in the comments!

Feature Image: Christian Ahlin/ YouTube

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