DIY: Create These Critical Role Character Portrait Holiday Ornaments

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Critical Role is a live Dungeons & Dragons show featuring Dungeon Master Matthew Mercer and his troupe of fellow voice actors. Catch them every Thursday night at 7:00 PM PT on the Geek & Sundry  Twitch channel and on  Alpha.

Invite the Mighty Nein into your home this holiday season! These DIY clear ornaments feature Ariana Orner’s official character portraits of Caleb, Caduceus, and Jester, and they’ll fit right in with lights of the dancing tree. Instead of a wall of fire around Caleb and his allies, you’ll make a wall of glitter, which even the somber wizard would admit is much nicer.


What You’ll Need

  • Three clear plastic ornaments (with two snapping halves)
  • Printed Mighty Nein template
  • Red, pink, and blue confetti glitter
  • Clear packing tape or clear contact paper
  • Gold or silver cord
  • Scissors
  • Pencil

Get Started!

Step One: Begin by printing the Mighty Nein template above. Use one half of the ornament and trace it the bottom edge of the character portrait, and then cut along the curved line to make the bottom of the portrait curved. Cut out the rest of the portrait along the printed edges.

Step Two: Fill the inside half of the plastic ornament with the confetti glitter matching the character you’re making.


Step Three: Cut two pieces of clear packing tape or cut a square of contact paper so that it will cover the entire ornament. (Overlap the two pieces of tape in the middle.) Place the portrait ink side down on the sticky side of the tape.


Step Four: Gently press the tape over the open half of the ornament, lining up the curved bottom edge of the portrait with the bottom edge of the ornament. Trim the tape around the ornament as closely as possible.


Step Five: Press the outside half of the plastic ornament on the top, gently snapping the two sides together.

Step Six: Give the ornament a little shake and the glitter will stick to the tape, forming the “wall” of glitter.

Step Seven: Repeat with the other portraits.


Step Eight: Tie the gold or silver cord to the top of the ornament, and the Mighty Nein are ready to hang out on your tree!


  • Catch up from the very beginning of the first campaign or keep up with the second with the  Critical Role Podcast.
  • Tune into the official aftershow,  Talks Machina, live on  Alpha and  Twitch, Tuesdays at 7pm PT.
  • And don’t miss new episodes of Critical Role LIVE on  Alpha and  Twitch, Thursdays at 7pm PT.

All Photos: Kelly Knox

Mighty Nein Portraits: Ariana Orner

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