Enjoy a COVID-Safe Hike Through Nature… in This Video Game

A lot of people are figuring out ways to get out of the house while still maintaining social distancing. Movie theaters and other enclosed places are still a big NO for many. But outdoor activities like hiking and biking are becoming new faves for some and even more popular for those who engaged in those activities B.C. (Before Covid). But there are others who either don’t want to or can’t enjoy the open doors. If you are one of them, then the adventure game Tree Trunk Brook is your perfect escape.

The Sheep’s Meow game is about hiking during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Players can follow trails, take photos, make new friends, and search for lost items. There are three trails to wander, 14 photo locations, 10 lost items, and 11 other hikers to virtually meet. You can play entirely on your computer, and yes, the characters wear masks and keep their distance.

A quick Tree Trunk Brook trailer for the game features some zen music and a few characters wandering in a cool forest. You enter the game as a pink-haired character who is hiking alone since their friend and usual hiking companion hurt their leg. But on your journeys outdoors, you can make other new friends (from a safe distance). In the trailer, they look for a bird caller, snap photos of flowers, and wander by a beautiful stream before retrieving a watch. It’s incredibly cute to see them interact from a distance and wander through nature.

Still photo of two game characters standing in a wooded area

The Sheep’s Meow

Tree Trunk Brook is currently available for fans to download and pay what they think is fair for the game. It’s possible to simply get the download for free, but giving a little cash to a creative is always a good look. It appears to be a relaxing, fun, and cute game to play that won’t make you feel more stressed out. And less stress is something we all need right now.

Featured Image: The Sheep’s Meow

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