Valve Lets Gamers Track How Much Money They’ve Spent on Steam

Ever since Valve debuted Stream in 2003, it has steadily grown into a digital distribution powerhouse. Valve doesn’t release its specific numbers, but sales on Steam have been estimated at well over $1 billion per year. Now, Valve is letting players tally just how much they’ve invested in Steam over the last decade and a half.

Via Life Hacker, Valve’s External Funds Used tracker can give gamers an accurate picture of their Steam spending habits. It’s not hard to find; simply click on this link, sign in to your account, and scroll to the “Total Spent” option. We’re not going to name names, but someone on Team Nerdist admitted to spending nearly $1,000. Some players are even proudly sharing their ongoing Steam expenditures.

For other gamers, it may be kind of embarrassing to realize just how much money they’ve spent on Steam titles. How does it build up so quickly? DLC and in-game purchases play their part, but Valve is also known for constantly running sales on Steam games, and fans are less likely to pass up the opportunity to get new and classic games well below the original asking price. Hunting the best deals on Steam can also be addictive, even if a few of the games go unplayed. I’m definitely guilty of that one.

On that note, the Valve summer sale is already underway, and gamers will no doubt once again jump on the deals and load up on newly available and classic titles. It’s a hard cycle to break, and we don’t really want to. We’re having too much fun!

What’s your Steam total? Share them with us in the comment section below!

Images: Valve

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