TOYS ‘R’ US Could Be Planning a Surprise Comeback

If like us you’re a Toys “R” Us kid you don’t want to grow up, but after the beloved chain of stores closed all of its doors earlier this year it’s hard for us not to feel the creeping inevitability of old age. Oh, yeah, the closing of our favorite toy store definitely sent us into an existential funk. But if you’re still down over saying goodbye to Geoffrey the Giraffe we have some amazing news–Toys “R” Us might be making a surprise comeback.In a story we came across at The Verge, a report in The Wall Street Journal says an auction planned to sell off the company’s intellectual properties in an effort to pay off its creditors–which would have included the Toys “R” Us and Babies “R” Us names, domains, registry lists, and, yes, even the rights to Geoffrey– has been cancelled. Instead, the hedge funds who own the company, the very same ones who decided to shutter all of their stores in the first place, have decided they would be better off creating “a newly-established, independent U.S. business” that would see the toy chain return.

That wouldn’t just mean the return of a popular store, it would mean the return of thousands of jobs, though there’s no timetable in place, and it seems like there is still a lot that needs to happen first.But we’ll take it. Not only because we would love to see Toys “R” Us return, but because that would mean we don’t really have to grow up yet.What do you make of this news? Do you think the chain will really come back? Tell us in the comments below what you think will happen.

Images: Toys “R” Us

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