Meet TOY STORY 4’s Canadian Stuntman Played by Keanu Reeves

We’re not saying it’s possible for us to be more excited to see a Keanu Reeves’ character on the big screen this year more than John Wick, we’re just saying his character in Toy Story 4 at least has us asking the question, especially after the newest commercial for the animated film introduces us to Canada’s greatest stuntman and popular ’70s toy, Duke Caboom. He’s an action figure who can’t exactly deliver on the “action” part, but he sure can pose.

This delightful ad is our best look yet at the new Reeves-voiced toy. “Riding his powerful Caboom stunt-cycle, Duke is always prepared to show off his stunt poses with confidence and swagger,” but that’s about all he can do. As Woody finds out soon after after meeting him, “Duke has an Achilles heel: he has never been able to do the awesome stunts advertised in his own toy commercial,” and “for years, Duke has been sitting in an antique store, constantly reliving the failures of his tragic past.”

We know Keanu Reeves lived in Toronto as a kid, which is why we assume that after hockey and Alanis Morissette he’s the country’s export, so having him voice a famous Canadian stuntman is a fantastic choice on its own. But hearing him play a super silly toy full of false bravado and doubt is genuinely inspired. Despite being one of the stars of Bill & Ted, somehow Reeves’ comedic sensibilities have always been underappreciated.

So are we more excited to see Duke Caboom and his inability to do cool stunts this year more than we are the ultimate action hero John Wick? Probably not, but it’s pretty revealing we’re even thinking about it

But if we find out Duke also loves dogs all bets are off.

Toy Story 4 leaps into theaters on June 20.

Featured Image: Disney Pixar

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