Top 5 Weapons From Saints Row We’d Love to See in Agents of Mayhem

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Packed full of bombastic violence, irreverent humor, and tons of pop culture references, Saints Row, is a ridiculous romp through a world where gang leader can become president and take down alien invaders in a matrix-like simulation. It’s crazy and fun and the team that put it all together is back in action. Next week Volition, the team behind Saints Row, is releasing their new spin-off title Agents of Mayhem.

Agents of Mayhem will be a squad based third person shooter set in futuristic Seoul. You’ll have access to 12 different agents of the organization of M.A.Y.H.E.M. to play with including a naval officer, sky pirate, super-soldier, and even a reality TV star. Each character will have their own unique abilities and weapon preferences and when we’re talking about a  Volition title, we’re talking awesome weapons. The game will have some cross overs from the franchise, but what we’re really hoping to get are some of the crazy guns we’ve seen in previous games.  Here’s our wishlist of armaments we want to return in Agents of Mayhem.

Black Hole Launcher

Not needing to rely on ammunition, this explosive weapon doesn’t put holes in your opponents. It puts your opponents into holes. The Black Hole Launcher fires singularities which drag your victims in. Even vehicles are not immune to the light devouring power of a black hole.


What’s plaid, probably smells like your grandpa, and has two rotary Gatling guns and rocket launchers to cut down your opponents while relaxing? TheSloth AKA “Armchair-A-Geddon”! Like something out of a thrift store run by the terminator, this radical recliner is perhaps one of the more bug-nuts crazy weapons from the Saints Row series and we love it for that.

Tentacle Bat

The Tentacle Bat has hung up its career in Japanese anime to become your trusted pulverizer. Reminiscent of the tentacles for Maniac Mansion, this green and purple appendage flails at your opponents with deadly efficiency. If anyone ever manages to survive your attacks with the Tentacle Bat, you can rest assured they will be tormented by nightmares of Cthulhu-like creatures for the rest of their short existence.


Ok, let’s take a second and imagine the glory that is inflating your opponents to the point that they look like giant Funko Pop dolls and then having them explode in a shower of bits. Functional? Not really. Ridiculously fun? Hell Yeah!

Dubstep Gun

Are you ready to drop some foes with some sick beats? Of course you are! The Dubstep Gun fires pulses of musical energy that will destroy everything in its path while providing you with a soundtrack to your mayhem and an awesome laser light show to boot. With the new game, the gun could easily feature a new soundtrack.

If you want to learn more about Agents of Mayhem and its possible featured weapons, tune into Game Engine next week where Erika and Trisha will be checking out the game! Game Engine is on Twitch every Tuesday at 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm Pacific Standard Time. What are some of your favorite weapons from the Saints Row series? What are you looking forward to in Agents of Mayhem? Let us know in the comments below!

Image Credits: Saints Row/Volition

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