Tony Hawk Nearly Made a Looney Tunes SKATE JAM Movie

Bullet dodged, or tragic missed opportunity? Or, perhaps a third option: concept ready to be revisited?With all the recent talk about an upcoming sequel to the Michael Jordan/ Bugs Bunny movie Space Jam, pro-skateboarding legend Tony Hawk has taken to Twitter to reveal that the original could have been merely the first in a possible series of athlete-meets- Looney-Tunes movies, saying that in 2003, he took a meeting at Warner Bros. to discuss the possibility of, yes, Skate Jam. But don’t blame him for it not happening — the numbers worked against it.

While Space Jam was a hybrid of animation and live-action, it looks as if Hawk would have been animated in this concept, though of course it’s possible that would only have been for a particular sequence. But the world may never know…or will it? With the sheer number of retweets Hawk has been getting, it’s entirely possible he’s trying to gin up interest in reviving the concept if Space Jam 2 turns out to be a hit. Given that such concept art is usually confidential, it’s also possible the studio had him leak it to see how fans react.Well, fans, how do you react? Should the “Jam” concept go further than just more basketball?Jump into comments below and tell us what you think.

Image: Warner Bros.

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