Take Tom Holland Home with UNCHARTED Nathan Drake Action Figure

Tom Holland’s swung through so many films as Spider-Man, there’s enough merchandise to fill an entire spare room. But with Spider-Man: No Way Home serving as the conclusion to Peter Park’s coming of age era, the actor’s Marvel future is up in the air. (There’s been a  ton of “possible” future chatter but nothing definitive at the moment.) But while we’ve possibly reached the end of Tom Holland’s web shooting days, he’s still flying through the air—as Nathan Drake, this time. The actor stars as the roguish explorer and treasure hunter in Uncharted, Sony’s live-action adaptation of the video game franchise. He’s not wearing the Spidey suit, but Nate’s shenanigans are just as death-defying. And now live on in action figure form.

Nathan Drake in Uncharted action figure
Entertainment Earth

Entertainment Earth is releasing an Uncharted Nathan Drake Deluxe Action Figure, set for August 2022. It’s seven inches of pure Nathan Drake energy. It comes with the character’s most iconic accessories, the Francis Drake ring necklace, the gun in the shoulder holster, and the Henley—which has some curious crop top wrinkles to it.

Here’s what Entertainment Earth is saying about the figure:

From the 2022 Uncharted movie comes the famed treasure hunter, Nathan Drake! This Uncharted Nathan Drake Deluxe Action Figure features 16 points of articulation, movie likeness, and a variety of interchangeable parts and accessories. This adventurous action figure stands approximately 7-inches tall and comes packaged in a full-color window box.
A trio of figures of Nathan Drake in Uncharted
Entertainment Earth

But here’s the thing—it is not quite a spitting image per se. I don’t see Tom Holland in this figure as much as I have in some of the other figures made in the actor’s likeness. However, it’s not that it’s actively not Holland. There is some passing resemblance. But I also see a little bit of Nolan North, who famously voices Drake in the games. Since Holland’s Nate is a young version of the character, I guess I can see this figure as someone who will eventually grow into Nolan North. Plus his hair looks excellent for someone spending a lot of time dodging bad guys. Still, though, we’re reasonably impressed.

The figure, which costs $22.99, is available for pre-order now.

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