Tom Holland Is an Adorable Animated Pig in This Holiday Ad

Considering we’ve only just crossed into November, one could argue it’s a little early to be steamrolling towards the holidays. (Although, in that case they should probably have a world with Starbucks. And Mariah Carey for that matter.) However, if there’s one person who can usher in the holiday spirit a little early—besides the iconic songstress, that is—it’s probably Tom Holland.

The reigning Spider-Man has already established himself as one of the most endearing young actors currently working. So, of course, UK retailer Mark & Spencer enlisted Holland to voice an equally adorable animated character in their new holiday ad.

Holland voices Percy Pig, who comes to life in a true Christmas miracle. Comedian Dawn French stars alongside the actor as the hilarious fairy. (We first saw this adorable ad at ComicBook.)

Percy Pig’s been a major staple at M&S stores since his debut in the ’90s, with the Percy Pigs candies. The character has since expanded from gummies to a whole range of products, including socks, puzzles, and, as the advertisement suggests, wrapping paper. However, in its nearly 30 years of life, we’ve never heard Percy Pig speak. Until now, that is. Yep, Holland is the inaugural voice of the iconic local retailer character.

Tom Holland voices Percy Pig, who is peering out of a wrapped box with his face on it

As one should be! I mean, he’s only the third live-action Spider-Man in the last 20 years. Some stepping in for this historic feat must be pretty exciting. Holland reportedly told Metro he was very excited to voice Percy Pig, after spending so much of his life a fan of the sweets. He jokingly added that he even hoped M&S would give him a lifetime supply of the candies. But maybe he’ll settle for a pair of socks?

It should be stated that Percy Pig, of M&S fame, is not related to television’s Peppa Pig. However, in a confounding turn of events, Daddy Pig, Peppa’s dad, is named Perseus a.k.a. Percy. Hey, gotta love alliteration.

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