Watch Tom Holland Give His Brother a Quarantine Haircut

If there’s anything the last few months have taught us it’s that society relies on a lot of people who don’t get enough credit. Grocery store employees and delivery drivers have kept our shelves full while under duress. Parents who suddenly find themselves working as home tutors have an all new appreciation for what teachers deal with every day. But another group that’s never categorized as essential workers are finally getting the acknowledgement they rightfully deserve: anyone who professional cuts hair. They provide a service we all need; we are desperate to visit our barbers and hairstylists after months of unchecked growth. Things are officially dire for those who live with people who can barely cut wrapping paper, let alone bangs. And it’s a problem even the most famous are facing. Spider-Man himself, Tom Holland, recently had to cut his brother’s hair.

But for being his first time he did a pretty good job.

Tom Holland cut his brother Harry’s hair this week during an Instagram livestream (that we we first saw at Insider). The young Avenger followed a live tutorial given by his hairstylist Christine Nelli. Using sheers and clippers Holland completed the lengthy haircut in an untidy 45 minutes.

The process involved a few scares along the way. The MCU star thought he cut his own hand at one point. Sony and Marvel were surely thrilled about that. Holland even joked that Sony owns his hair, so we’re glad he didn’t hurt himself. Thankfully, the end result was the loss of a whole lot of hair instead of blood.

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Despite being the first haircut Tom Holland has ever given—making him roughly the 50 millionth person to have that experience in 2020—it turned out pretty decent.

Does that mean he has a future in a salon? No, none of us do. Nor do we want one. We love our barbers and our hair stylists, and we can’t wait to visit them again. We’d rather see them than Tom Holland right now.

Tom Holland as Peter ParkerMarvel/Sony

Especially since we’d hate for him to see the way we look right now.

Featured Image: Marvel/Sony

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