Tom Holland Questions ONWARD Co-Star Chris Pratt

Who is your favorite actor? Okay, now who is your favorite actor named Tom? Specifically your favorite actor named Tom whose last name starts with an H? And also, he has to be both British and young. Plus, uh, he’s an Avenger?

Look, please just say Tom Holland so we can move on. Otherwise this might never end. That’s what Chris Pratt learned on Jimmy Kimmel Live when his Onward co-star made a “surprise” appearance.

Star-Lord himself, Chris Pratt, was a guest this week on the Valentine’s Day Eve edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live. The MCU star was there to promote another Disney film of his, his upcoming Pixar movie Onward. He plays the older of two brothers who go on a magical quest to speak with their dead father. It takes place in a fantasy world where unicorns and elves meet suburbia. Before they discussed that movie, Pratt held a Q&A with the “audience.” After some confusion over whether or not he’s met an actual dinosaur and a mixup with a musical legend, a hooded figure stood up. Much to the surprise (and glee) of the audience it turned out to be the voice of the younger brother in Onward, Tom Holland.

The friendly neighborhood Spider-Man wasn’t there to promote their movie, though. He had one question for Pratt: Who is your favorite actor? When Pratt answered Denzel Washington, Holland kept getting more and more specific to get the answer he was clearly looking for. He asked for Pratt’s favorite actor named “Tom H,” who is also British and young. It’s obvious what answer Pratt ended up at, since he is a major Marvel star, too: Tom Hiddleston.

Tom Holland Questions Chris Pratt About His Favorite Actor_1ABC

(That was a fun bit. We just really wish it continued with Huey Lewis.)

Pratt also shared the most obvious relationship and Valentine’s Day gift giving advice ever. (Flowers! For all the women in your life? Why didn’t literally everyone else think of that?!)

But we really enjoyed the fun stories he told about eating for Parks and Rec. That included how he once devoured 12 racks of ribs while filming a scene. And then he ate four more racks during lunch. Why would anyone do this, even someone who was trying to gain weight to play Andy? For the best reason possible: He was trying to make Nick Offerman laugh. That also led to Pratt doing a funny impression of Offerman’s laugh, which is decidedly unlike Ron Swanson.

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But the best part of the interview came when both Onward stars sat down to talk about the movie. Pratt explained the very personal inspiration behind the story, and it’s probably the best promotion we’ve seen or heard for the movie yet. Pratt got choked up discussing it. We can understand why. We did too. It was genuinely moving hearing about the creator’s own loss and incredible discovery. This is the most excited we’ve been to see Onward yet.

That’s true even if it doesn’t star Chris Pratt’s favorite young British actor named Tom H.

Featured Image: ABC

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