Watch Tom Cruise Save Christmas, TOP GUN: MAVERICK Style

As we’ve recently learned from the death-defying stunts we saw in Top Gun: Maverick, not to mention in the preview for Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning, Tom Cruise can pretty much do anything he sets his mind to. So by that logic, if he can jump off a cliff on a motorcycle multiple times, and fly a fighter jet, then we think he can commandeer Santa’s sleigh on the 24th of December and save Christmas. And that’s just what he does in Nerdist’s latest remix video. You can watch the whole Top Gun: Yuletide – The Christmas Mission/ Nerdist Remix video right here:

Of course, as always, Tom Cruise saves the day in the end. Or should we say, Pete “Maverick” Mitchell does? Only he could get those ornery reindeer to “stay frosty,” so to speak. And only he can complete the mission when Santa Claus is otherwise incapacitated. Or, in this case, “retired.” Although we don’t trust these so-called “retirements” from Tim Allen’s Santa Claus anymore. After how many movies and a Disney+ show? But sure, we’ll go with it.

Santa Tom Cruise and his reindeer in Top Gun: Maverick - Yuletide.

At this point, we say we want him to take over for Kris Kringle more than we ever did Jack Skellington. We all know how that nightmare of a mission went down. At least Maverick gets the assignment. From the looks of things, he was even able to accomplish the mission at hand. And he probably didn’t even need the help of Rudolph and his red glowing GPS of a nose. All in all, not bad for someone who apparently wasn’t even on Santa’s “nice” list this year. (Maybe he was on the “naughty” one, though). It might be time to make a permanent residence at the North Pole, sir. At least we know all the adorable elves there like you. They’ll definitely be nicer to you than Jon Hamm.

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