Reimagining Tom Cruise Movie Posters With HOWARD THE DUCK Instead

Joe Chencharik was just joking around with his co-podcaster TJ Dex when he was inspired, by Dex’s dislike of Tom Cruise and obsession with Lucasfilm’s failed fowl film star Howard the Duck (yes, he was a comic character first, but we’re talking specifically about the first movie version), to change up the poster for Born on the Fourth of July just a bit. Mainly by switching out its lead star for a feathered friend, and finally giving this particular Howard an acclaimed movie to be in, and a new meaning to “top billing.”

Yes, yes, we know the Guardians of the Galaxy movies were acclaimed too. But as Chencharik tells Nerdist, “The vintage puppet Howard is just funnier.” Funny enough that he ran with the concept, putting Howard into the likes of Top Gun, Mission: Impossible, and beyond. He says he’s not done yet: “I plan on making some more of these.”

Asked if he sees anything in common between the perennially running movie star and Duck World’s favorite son, the graphic designer says yes. “They’re both giants on the screen but short in stature.” (They’ve also both costarred with Tim Robbins in their most famous films.)

We’re not sure if Howard could handle all the sprints and motorcycle riding that most of these roles require, but we’ll say this: Cocktail would definitely have been a better movie with him in the lead. Fight us.

Does Howard have what it takes to step into Cruise’s shoes, or would he be reluctantly trapped in yet another world he never made? Let us know in comments!

Image: Joe Chencharik/Paramount Pictures/Lucasfilm

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